Glendalough Hermitage

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Team Members

We are a team of Sisters of Mercy who, in the spirit of a compassionate, gentle and gracious God, welcome to our Hermitage Centre and to Glendalough all people who are seekers of truth, love, awakening and transformation.

As Roman Catholic women we are formed and shaped by our faith in Jesus Christ as the incarnation and revelation of a living and loving God. We welcome and honour all who come seeking peace, rest and spiritual renewal, regardless of their culture or beliefs.

We are qualified and experienced in Spiritual Accompaniment/ Direction, Prayer Guidance, Education, Psychotherapy, Philosophy, Theology and Group Facilitation.

Glendalough is a place of beauty and solitude and is filled with the healing power of nature. As Mercy Sisters, we hold our Hermitage Centre in trust for all who come to this sacred place.

We provide hospitality for people and in keeping with our Mercy charism, we wish to extend a warm welcome to those who are in special need of any kind. Thus, we make the Hermitage Centre available as widely as possible to everyone including those who are marginalized and might have no other way of accessing such an experience of beauty and peace.