Glendalough Hermitage

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FootbridgeGlendalough nestles high up in the Wicklow mountains on the east coast of Ireland. It is famous for its tranquil beauty and an early Christian monastic settlement founded by St. Kevin in the 6th century.

Glendalough has attracted visitors to the shores of its two lakes for almost 1500 years. People come to experience the natural beauty of the landscape, to walk the mountains and hills and to explore the archaeological and historical monuments.

Most important of all, people come as pilgrims, responding to the sacred energy of the landscape which drew St. Kevin to withdraw here in search of his God. The spiritual heritage of Glendalough is unsurpassed. The pilgrim way has been followed for ages past by monks and holy people and even our earliest ancestors who felt the primal call to worship.

This is indeed holy ground. Pilgrim, go gently.