Glendalough Hermitage

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GlendaloughOur Vision

Glendalough Hermitage Centre, situated in a place which was once a thriving centre of Celtic Christian Spirituality, is a place of welcome and pilgrimage.

We Sisters of Mercy who are involved in running the Centre wish to enable people to: –

  • reconnect with the roots of their deepest spiritual energies; and
  • experience the presence of God within their own inner being as they experience the presence of God in the peace and tranquility of this sacred place.

We also seek to provide an opportunity for people to be enfolded by the beauty and healing touch of nature.

The faith community of Glendalough aims to provide a hospitable space for all who stop here along the journey of life. It has been said that

Hospitality is a little food, a little fire and an immense Silence.

Glendalough can be a sacred space for healing, reconciliation and growth, a space for deep communion with Our Creator and Host.