Glendalough Hermitage

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Glendalough AutumnAt Glendalough Hermitage Centre, we welcome groups who might benefit from the space and facilities we offer in order to meet their needs and desires.

It is our wish that group events would seek to

  • awaken truth, love and transformation in those who attend
  • lead participants to an experience of peace, healing or spiritual renewal
  • enable people to explore their spiritual roots and experience the presence of the divine.

We facilitate groups whose aims are in harmony with this vision.

Who is it for?

We welcome groups from a diverse range of backgrounds, age and interests. Groups who have come to the Hermitage Centre include:

  • School groups
  • Parish/Pastoral Council groups
  • Prayer groups
  • Groups on retreat
  • Leadership teams
  • Work/staff teams
  • Women’s and men’s groups

Group Facilities

Facilities available to groups include the following:

  • Overnight accommodation in the hermitages (max 10 – two persons sharing a twin hermitage)
  • Meeting room (max capacity 20 people)
  • Prayer Room
  • Library
  • One to one room
  • Kitchen facilities enabling provision of tea/coffee and light refreshments

Groups will also be able to make use of the surrounding amenities: availability of Mass in the adjacent Parish Church, Meditation Garden, walks in beautiful scenery both close at hand on Brockagh Mountain and in the valley of Glendalough just 15 minutes walk away, a choice of restaurants in the area.


Services which we can provide to groups upon request include:

  • Group facilitation
  • Guided retreat
  • Reflection/’Away’ Days
  • Guided pilgrimage to the monastic site in Glendalough
  • School retreat

Details of group programme and services to be provided along with cost can be negotiated with the team at the Hermitage Centre. Please contact any member of the team to discuss.


We are deeply aware of the value of taking time in solitude and silence in the beautiful and inspiring landscape of Glendalough and of the way in which this experience can open doors in oneself to peace, healing, joy and beauty. As Mercy sisters, we hold this space and the hermitage experience in trust for all who need it. It is our desire to make this experience available as widely as possible to everyone and especially those who are marginalized or living under disadvantage who might have no other way of accessing such an experience.